All passion no fashion record label


Les Biftecs

Bingo blues groove band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands that will tear down house or headphones. Tiers Bakker, Alain Eskinasi, Gerco Aerts, Jan Batelaan, Max Franken.

Six Def

Mysterious collective from Amsterdam known from their hit single “I’m the King”, featured in Suits episode 16 “War” season 2.


Amsterdam-based Wondertrees is the creation of A.F. Musbach. With Marcus Bruystens as co-founder and bass player, sharing their fascination for bands as Sparkelhorse and Palace Brothers they wrote their first song Danger Boy. Mixing up the eerily slow tempo and sound of one of their many influences like LOW and Codeine with a faint reminder of Johnny Cash to sped-up postpunk tracks referring to bands such as Jane’s Addiction. Wondertrees are out there as well-defined keepers of the legacy these bands and musicians have provided us with, while adding new flavour and taking it to the present.

Rose Doolan

Amsterdam native singer/songwriter Rose Doolan delivers deeply personal, folk-inspired songs about the unexpected beauty that lies in life’s darker corners. Endowed with a deep, clear, and warm voice, her simple but catchy guitar arrangements, and a gift for writing scenic lyrics, has lead Doolan being compared to legends Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and Laura Marling. 

Jonathan Coughlan & the Good Folks

Heavily inspired by American southern-rock this singer/songwriter from Amsterdam creates an authentic style with a pleasant country feel. The Good Folks are an ever changing collective of seasoned musicians. For all who love honest music that speaks to, and from the heart.

Lightning Books

Collective around native Irishman Amsterdam based singer/songwriter Dave O’Riordan.

Six Def Records is a studio label from IJland Studio. We focus not on the soul-crushing notion of ‘making it’, but on the act of making music itself. Music that we like, that comes from the heart, for joy and connectedness within and between people. All passion, no fashion.